Cost of construction ? Includes ! Do not include !

Prices shown are estimates based on a fully built, basic finished house that is self-management.
Costs can vary from one region to another.
Estimates exclude applicable taxes, cost of land and options, as indicated on plans.

Basic Finishes Include:

  • Exterior Finishes: Masonry on façade evaluated as brick, other sides as vinyl siding.If 4 sides are masonry, evaluated as brick. (see plans)
  • Doors and windows, white pvc
  • Floor coverings: parquet or carpet, vinyl linoleum tiles, ceramic tiles in bathrooms and entrance.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets: Melamine
  • Heating: Electric baseboard heating
  • Basement: Insulated, unfinished.

Cost Estimates for adding:

  • Garage: calculate approx. $65 / ft²
  • Mid-level room above garage: calculate approx. $45 / ft²
Maison Mag