Renovation by the rule book


A renovation project requires as much planning as any other building project.

First of all, you have to make certain that renovations will give the desired result and that costs are kept within your budget. Addition to the property, if there is, must also fit in with the style of the existing building. Most importantly, you must take into account the original construction, which cannot be modified in just any old way. You have to go by the rule book.

If not, your roof might come tumbling down on your head. Entrusting this work to specialists could save you a lot troubles.

Free Consultations

Don't hesitate to meet with one of our technologists for knowledgeable advice on all your renovation projects. Once all meetings and preliminary work are done with, our technologist can give you the exact cost of the architectural work involved. You will have a list and an estimate of the costs involved. Final plans will be at a cost you can afford. Then you can start your renovations with complete peace of mind.

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