Plans Design, formerly known as Design Raynald Roy, was created in 1990 by Raynald Roy, with the help of three partners. Their ideology: a company working in the field of architecture, offering prestigious plans of exceptional quality. Initially making its mark within our province, Plans Design quickly expanded outside Quebec and Canada, accepting all kinds of special and unique projects.

Now more present than ever on social networks, Plans Design used to stand out for its magazines, created and designed by Publications Balsam inc., which were distributed throughout Quebec, unveiling the latest collections of plans each season. Today, Plans Design offers a virtual catalogue of several hundred models on an up-to-date and easy-to-access website.

Plans Design now has more than 15 employees and serves the entire Montreal area with its renovation service and well beyond the limits of Canada with its collection of plans and its offer for special projects.

Plans Design, now well established in the field of architecture and construction, is constantly renewing its offer and adapting to current trends.

Time will tell, but the wind seems to be blowing in the right direction.


In writing.